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To avoid ED problems, just contact a doctor, keep a healthy lifestyle and, if necessary, help your body with magic pills like Cialis.

What are the reasons for impotence?

Remember the scene: in the eastern seraglio, there are no less than a hundred concubines eager to love. Do you think that sultans hide Cialis under the pillow? In fact, experts believe that men's virility is very strong. However, more and more men go to the drugstore for a magic pill. Where is this power wasted and why does it happen so early?

There are many causes of ED. Impotence occurs because of a whole bunch of diseases and disorders, which you can easily prevent. The main thing is to take medication in good time. Hormonal disruptions, disturbances of the cardiovascular system, mental problems can cause ED. Moreover, mental illness and all kinds of depression are dominant in this list, especially for men under the age of 40.

To find out the cause weak erection, contact your doctor – andrologist. Specialists in this field will help to pinpoint the origins of your weakness and assign the appropriate treatment. "Use a condom", say doctors all together. You can ask how it affects the potency. Explain: safe sex is a guarantee of health. Or do you think that you cure syphilis and forget about it? Not a bit of it, every past disease leaves a significant and unfavorable mark on your potency. Another reason, no less important, is any undertreated genital disease. It’s very important to treat urethritis, prostatitis and orchitis till full recovery not to have poor consequences.

10 important facts about impotence

And now, there are a few interesting facts about impotence, which make you think about your virility more serious and take care of your health in advance without drugs.

Fact 1

More than 150 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Fact 2

Obesity and overweight have a strong influence on the deterioration of male potency.

Fact 3

Smokers have problems with potency twice a rate than non-smokers.

Fact 4

An important aspect of maintaining a healthy potency is a regular sexual life. Abstinence, as it turned out, does no good. Any organ should be trained. The press and arms force is trained in the gym, and penis – in bed. Studies show that men, who have rare sexual relations, especially after 35 years, suffer from ED far more often.

Fact 5

Impotence occurs not only in elderly men. Twenty-one percent of young people aged 20 to 30 years suffer from ED.

Fact 6

Cycling may increase the likelihood of impotence.

Fact 7

The men engaged in mental labor deal with erectile disorders more often (70 %) than those who engaged in physical labor.

Fact 8

There are investigations made by scientists telling that in the next 20 years, the percentage of impotent men in the world will double.

Fact 9

Only 10 % of men suffering from impotence seek treatment or try various pills like Cialis or others.

Fact 10

Modern medicine can cure more than 90 % of ED cases.

Run in the morning, eat properly, and get rid of bad habits. If you have a problem, contact a doctor. If not, contact a doctor, as well, and undergo tests. Do not be afraid to tell the doctors about your problems. Keep an eye on your health.