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A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main threats to the stagnation in the pelvic area and the subsequent erectile dysfunction. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, have more sex. If necessary, use pills like Cialis.


The major problem of a modern man

Nature creates the human circulatory system as a guide of the most important chemicals to deliver everything you need in the vital organs, thereby forcing them to work properly like a car engine. Normal health depends on how regularly and rich the blood supplies the body in its most remote parts.

If there are problems with blood flow, then unfavorable processes start, the operation of all organs is disrupted, and serious problems are coming up. This is primarily an inability to deal with the negative impact of external factors – microorganisms and infections.

A man must first to pay attention to the pelvic area

Men's health begins with his masculinity. Urologic diseases give start to a long chain of other disorders. Today, when a man is equipped with everything that makes his life motionless, primarily cars and many hours of mental work while sitting at the table, he is subjected to a much greater risk if he would have worked in the factory or on a construction site. Even if a man is not inclined to overweight but the whole day, he is sitting on a chair, the destructive process in his body is no less than that of a fat man. A sedentary lifestyle brings many problems. First, these are urethritis and prostatitis, as well as BPH. Hence, serious problems in intimate life, including an inability to bear children, appear. Lack of normal blood circulation directly affects the production of hormones, testicular work, and the quality and viability of sperm.

Why is a sedentary lifestyle dangerous to health?

Body weight is distributed unevenly and presses the lumbar area and below, what causes atrophy of the pelvic organs, the temperature rise around the testicles which need good ventilation. Today, more attention is paid to the preservation of health and even the laziest men realize the need to take at least minimal action in terms of movement. There are special chairs for the correct posture.

Cialis is also geared to ensure the expansion of blood vessels in the pelvic area, thus being a good means for the prevention of stagnation.

Do exercises

Here are a few basic exercises:

  • While sitting. When doing them, you do not need to stand up. Tense your muscles close to the genitals and sphincter.
  • While standing. The exercises include pelvic twist, body bending, step-up, and knee bending.
  • While lying. You need abs exercises like bicycle crunches or hip raise.

Nutrition is also important

The main foods for men with a risk of congestion in the pelvic area are vegetables and fruits. Then, the greens and grains come. Do not forget the importance of water – it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters per day, and if there are problems with obesity, then drink even more water.

For people with a sedentary lifestyle, fried food, meat and smoked products, sweets, bread, salt, and canned food concentrates are prohibited. Beverages containing sugar and caffeine are not useful, as well.

And finally, make more love. This is the most burdensome and pleasant exercise, which effectively helps to disperse the stagnation.