7 myths about Impotence

Are you sure that impotence is not your problem, and are ready to continue your way of life with bad habits? One day the consequences will come to you. And then Cialis will come to rescue!


1. Impotence does not occur often

The studies showed that impotence is common in 52 % of men aged 40–70. The results say that 10 % of male suffer from the total lack of erection; minor ED affects just 17 % of male, and 25 % of men suffer from moderate ED. According to the researcher J.B. McKinley, about 150 million men faces problems with erection, and this number may double over the next 20 years. According to the answers of 600 men aged 40–70 years in four countries, disorder occurs in 15 % of respondents in Brazil, 17 % in Italy, 34 % in Japan, and 22 % in Malaysia.

2. Impotence is common in elder men

According to the same study, impotence occurs in 40 % of men aged 40–50, and 48–57 % of patients aged 50–60. The complete ED was observed in 5 % of men with the age under 50 years and in 15 % of men aged 70. Problems with potency appear not because of the age, but because of the accompanying endocrine, vascular or neurological disorders. ED caused by stress and psychological trauma may occur even at a young age.

3. The general state does not depend on the Impotence

ED, as well as irregular sexual life, can cause chronic congestive prostatitis, weakened vitality, urinary frequency. Failures in sex lead to low self-esteem, lack of self-respect, depressed mood, and depression.

4. Beer belly is not a problem for the potency

Beer belly is one of the signs of visceral obesity. Our internal parts are enveloped with lipids that produce leptin. The latter reduces the levels of testosterone what causes erectile dysfunction. To control the amount of this hormone, a man can measure his waistline. If it is less than 94 cm, then the level of testosterone is high, 94–102 cm tells about a reduced level and more than 102 cm – about a low one.

5. Vitamins can help to cope with Impotence

Administration of nutritional supplements, herbs and vitamins can significantly improve the overall condition of the body, but they can’t help to cure ED. To treat impotence, you need drugs that expand blood vessels of the penis and help to increase blood flow and reach normal erection. One of such drugs, which is well-proven and receives positive feedback from the majority of patients, is Cialis.

6. Profession does not matter

According to statistics, the third of the complaints include "quick finish" or "weak erection." At the same time, the chief managers and people engaged in mental work are more prone to failure within sexual acts. Scientists indicate risk groups – high-tech professionals faced the problems more frequently than specialists in other fields. Doctors say that the disease makes the shift towards a younger age. Sexologists believe the main reason is a sedentary work: web-masters, drivers, doctors, etc.

7. Foreplay duration does not affect the potency

Doctors found that insufficient foreplay could trigger impotence. According to the results of research, if a woman does not get excited enough, her vagina releases neuropeptide, a substance that weakens potency. It can be absorbed through the skin into the blood and accumulate in partner’s body. Within a few years of regular intercourse without caresses and kisses, it causes erectile dysfunction.