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Erectile dysfunction is an old problem. Through history, the methods of impotence treatment were different. But today, scientists offer the most effective ways, for instance, Cialis administration!

History of ED Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most serious diseases all the time. But today, this disease has taken menacing proportions.

The first mention of impotence

In literature, Thomas Hokkliva dated 1420 year first mentioned the word "impotence" in a poem. However, this term had a slightly different meaning – it can easily be replaced by the words "powerless" and "helpless". In its usual sense, the word is found in the book History of the Church in Britain dated 1655 year. There, the Pope virility of the Pope was called into doubt. It is difficult to believe but one of the first mentions of the word "impotence" was recorded in the Bible, where it had a clear reference to the sexual weakness of King David. The theme of sexual disorders has also been a sensitive issue in the Middle Ages.

Treatment options

In the Middle Ages, witches were blamed for the men's problems, and the main way of treatment was to kill the witches. Such sentiments prevailed in the minds until the 19th century. In Russia, folk methods of treating impotence were popular. One of the recipes advised men to smear the man parts with a mixture of deer fat and chopped chicken hearts.

In the late 19th century, scientific approach to the problem of sexual disorders appeared. American William Hammond, in 1883, wrote his Sexual impotence in the male and called early sex and masturbation the main reasons for ED. The scientist suggested the young men refusing sex life up to 21 years, and limit the number of sexual acts to three a month. As the ED treatment, William Hammond suggested the abstention for a year. At the same time, moxibustion therapy with nettles and electrical stimulation were developed.

In the 20th century, the struggle against male impotence became more efficient. Masturbation was justified, and doctors divided the causes of ED into psychological and physical. An enormous role was given to the background diseases that provoke impotence. The medicine made a huge step forward. There was a set of effective methods of treatment, which gave positive results in 95 % of cases, and the men returned to the joy of sexual life. For the treatment of psychological ED, hypnosis was actively used in the 60s. Since 1982, doctors prescribed a special injection into the penis. Since 1985, vasodilators came to the rescue. At the beginning of the century, men got grafts in the penis.

Today, there are lots of effective methods in medicine that are improved every year: medicated, operational, with medical equipment, and psychological.

One of such methods is Cialis administration. The main advantage of Cialis over other similar drugs is a long duration of sexual activity. The action of Cialis lasts 36 hours, what is useful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as it is not necessary to strictly plan the sexual intercourse and a woman does not need to be ready at a specific time. In addition to the therapeutic effect, Cialis will help to harmonize your sexual life and send it natural channel.